Estate Consignment

Hendersonville Jewelers is proud to help you sell your estate jewelry in Hendersonville, Nashville, surrounding areas, and beyond. We offer all the assistance you need to sell items you no longer want.

Our concept is unique. In fact, we're one of the only all-consignment jewelry stores in Tennessee. Consignment allows you to receive more $$$ than scrapping it at "gold buying stores" or pawn shops, typically double or triple what those type establishments will offer. We have buyers all over the country looking to buy your used treasures, why give it away when we can make you more $$$? Allow someone else to fall in love all over again with those pieces you no longer want or need.

How does it work?
Set up an appointment with us or just stop by. Bring your jewelry with you and any paperwork you may have available, such as appraisals, receipts from where you bought the piece(s), certifications, and your stories. If you don't have any paperwork, don't worry we can consign it without it. Please allow 20 minutes for the initial consultation (or more if you have additional items). We will evaluate each piece of jewelry in accordance with standard industry guidelines to determine its value. Together we will then determine the amount we can guarantee to be paid when the item is sold. Assuming the numbers are acceptable, a contract is then created and signed.

What's my percentage?
We don't work based on a percentage. Our clients know exactly what they can expect up front. We give you a guaranteed dollar amount you will receive once your item is sold. Any discounts or special deals will be taken off our end. If we receive an offer which is lower than you agreed upon, we will call and give you the option to accept or decline.

How long does it take?
It's very difficult to predict when a piece will sell. There are important factors; including time of year, price range and uniqueness of the piece all play a role. Don't worry and have patience, we will use every technique we know to sell your item(s) including our website, Facebook page, email blast, and not to mention in our display cases.

I've changed my mind. Can I pick up my jewelry?
Your item is yours and you can pick it up anytime you like. We do totally refurbish items we take in on consignment and there is a fee depending on the type of jewelry you're consigning. You will be responsible for the fee in full before receiving it. The amount is predetermined at take in.

When do I get my $$$?
You will receive a check or cash 30 days after the item is sold as we offer a 30 day return policy to our customers. If you desire, instead of receiving a check for the set amount, we offer 10% or more in buying power to shop in our store.

Custom Jewelry Design

Fashion changes all the time. For example, yellow gold was popular, now white gold is back. Now you can make something old, something new and trendy again with our Custom Computer Design Center. Design it your way for your style and how you dress. We invite you to come in and check out this new technology that will give you great ideas for updating your jewelry. You owe it to yourself to visit us today and bring in some of those special heirloom pieces and give them a new one of a kind look!! Come in today for a free demonstration of our new Custom Computer Design Center. Stay in style with Hendersonville Jewelers.

Click here to see our gallery of custom designs.